Thrivent Financial Commits $5 Million to Ron Blue Institute at IWU

Indiana Wesleyan University - Thrivent Financial

Indiana Wesleyan University announced a $5 million commitment by Thrivent Financial to the Ron Blue Institute for Financial Planning at IWU.

For more than 30 years, Ron Blue has elevated a Biblical view of financial stewardship and generosity. In 2012, Blue licensed his intellectual property to IWU to create the Ron Blue Institute. The Institute is positioned to move forward with plans that will help it change the way Christians think, act and communicate about financial stewardship.

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Senate Bill Protects Longstanding Practices Of Religious Organizations in Indiana

Indiana Wesleyan University - Chapel

Since 2006, Indiana Wesleyan University has had the opportunity to help retrain almost 100 Hoosiers whose jobs have been sent overseas. The $1.4 million in financial aid for those adult students came from the federal Trade Adjustment Act and was administered by an agency of Indiana government.

A year ago our students began to be denied access to these funds despite the fact we are a faith-based university that is legally permitted to make religion a preference in our hiring. We turned to our legislators to see if we could find a long-term solution.

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Feeling Good About Life

IWU - Summer Campus

They say the best lessons in life come from living, from making our way through the good times and the hard times, the days of laughter and the days when life is just plain hard to get through.

Last week I was reminded of some life lessons passed on to us by one of the great African-American writers of our lifetime. Dr. Maya Angelou was an author, poet, actress and singer. She died last year, but not before leaving us many gems of insight and wisdom.

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Healing Our City’s Wounded History

Student Life -Hanging Around Fountain - 6402

The bright young professional was a great new hire for our university. We searched far and wide and found the perfect fit. Now, in our casual conversation, he was telling me about his decision.

“As an African-American I was taken aback. When I told my friends I was thinking of accepting a position in Marion, they said, ‘Why would you go to Marion. They hang black people there.”

And just like that, we were caught once again in the snare of Marion’s wounded history.

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More Applause for IWU Online Programs

IWU - Online Programs

Indiana Wesleyan University began 2015, just as it ended 2014, with applause for the University’s adult education programs.

Affordable Colleges Online has ranked IWU No. 3 on its list of the Best Online Colleges for 2015. And the same website, focusing on specific academic programs, ranked IWU No. 5 on a list of the nation’s Best Online Accounting Degrees for 2015.

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CCCU Institutions Offer Financial As Well as Spiritual Advantages

Indiana Wesleyan University

The cost of college attendance continues to be of great interest to our prospective students here at Indiana Wesleyan University. Keeping a Christ-centered higher education accessible has been part of our institutional DNA since our founding in 1920.

The Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) released the results of its annual tuition survey just before the end of the year. The survey tells an interesting story.

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Clearing Up Confusion about IWU’s Stance on Abortion


In recent days some confusion has arisen over Indiana Wesleyan University’s position on abortion. The confusion stems from comments made by one of our faculty members taking part in a student-led discussion panel on abortion.

I’d like to clear up the confusion.

First, as a university owned by The Wesleyan Church, Indiana Wesleyan University’s positions on social issues like this one are taken from The Wesleyan Church’s doctrinal and faith statements.

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