Clearing Up Confusion about IWU’s Stance on Abortion


In recent days some confusion has arisen over Indiana Wesleyan University’s position on abortion. The confusion stems from comments made by one of our faculty members taking part in a student-led discussion panel on abortion.

I’d like to clear up the confusion.

First, as a university owned by The Wesleyan Church, Indiana Wesleyan University’s positions on social issues like this one are taken from The Wesleyan Church’s doctrinal and faith statements.

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Ferguson: ‘A time to pray for the healing of our land’

Ferguson - A Time to Pray

It is one of our nation’s most endearing qualities that when disaster strikes, we reach out to help. We pray. We go. We provide shelter, food and care. We rebuild. Then we construct safeguards as best we can to protect against future damage.

Ferguson has become a hurricane of the heart, battering the soul of our nation, calling into question the best that we believe about ourselves. I have asked myself if there is anything more to say. So much has already poured from our national psyche about this cataclysm of our collective spirit.

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IWU Ranked No. 2 on List Of Best Online Colleges

Student Center Exterior Sunrise Evening - 2771

Indiana Wesleyan University had some good company recently when Best Value Schools released a survey that ranked IWU No. 2 on a list of The 30 Best Online Colleges 2014.

The University of Maryland was the top-rated school in the online rankings. Others on the list are the University of North Carolina, Penn State University, the University of Nebraska and the University of Central Florida.

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Counter-Evidence on Higher Education’s Supposed Demise

Indiana Wesleyan University Buildings -  (1)

Between Facebook, Twitter, and the various “news” outlets I read, these seem to be the days of bad news and questionable behavior.

The day I wrote this, four of the 16 stories on the front page of the USA Today digital site were public apologies of one kind or another. My newsfeeds are chock full of dire predictions about my country, my world, my health, my industry, my faith – you name it.

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