IWU Wants to Be a Good Citizen of Marion

Indiana Wesleyan University - Marion Campus

Indiana Wesleyan University feels appreciated by the Marion community. We truly do.

Occasionally, someone reminds us that not everyone in Marion likes IWU. But hardly a day passes when we don’t hear someone, or several people, say thanks for the role the University plays in this community. “Marion would be a lot different place to live without IWU,” is a common remark.

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What STEM Means for IWU – and for Grant County

Indiana Wesleyan University - STEM

The National Science Foundation (NSF) coined the acronym STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in an effort to call attention to the need for more college graduates to be trained in those four academic disciplines.

Having sounded the call, NSF has been putting its money where its mouth is since Congress created the independent federal agency in 1950. In case you missed the announcement a few weeks ago, Indiana Wesleyan University is a recent beneficiary of NSF – and in a major way!

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Thrivent Financial Commits $5 Million to Ron Blue Institute at IWU

Indiana Wesleyan University - Thrivent Financial

Indiana Wesleyan University announced a $5 million commitment by Thrivent Financial to the Ron Blue Institute for Financial Planning at IWU.

For more than 30 years, Ron Blue has elevated a Biblical view of financial stewardship and generosity. In 2012, Blue licensed his intellectual property to IWU to create the Ron Blue Institute. The Institute is positioned to move forward with plans that will help it change the way Christians think, act and communicate about financial stewardship.

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Senate Bill Protects Longstanding Practices Of Religious Organizations in Indiana

Indiana Wesleyan University - Chapel

Since 2006, Indiana Wesleyan University has had the opportunity to help retrain almost 100 Hoosiers whose jobs have been sent overseas. The $1.4 million in financial aid for those adult students came from the federal Trade Adjustment Act and was administered by an agency of Indiana government.

A year ago our students began to be denied access to these funds despite the fact we are a faith-based university that is legally permitted to make religion a preference in our hiring. We turned to our legislators to see if we could find a long-term solution.

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