Local students benefit from Community Foundation and IWU scholarship support

We have the will to make Marion and Grant County better places to live and work.  It isn’t easy to know where to start.

I’ve become convinced there’s no better place to start than by investing in our children and young people.  For this reason I am excited about a new collaboration between The Community Foundation and Indiana Wesleyan University.

Grant County does a great job graduating our young people from high school.  As reported by the Indiana Youth Institute Kids Count, Grant County has an above state average graduation rate of 91.7 percent.

Now we need to make sure they can go to college.  If we can keep them close to home through college, chances are they will stay and invest their skills close to home when they graduate.

Providing Grant County students an affordable, local education for the purpose of cultivating and maintaining a healthy community is a goal both the Community Foundation and IWU share.  Together we’ve identified scholarships that will combine to provide local students the opportunity to receive a quality college education at a lower cost.

IWU - Community Foundation

The Community Foundation is committed to connecting people, resources and causes to promote a better Grant County. One of the ways the Community Foundation does this is by providing Grant County students with more than 130 donor-funded scholarships totaling over $500,000 every year.

“Our hope is that by students attending a local university like IWU, they will get a local job and continue to better Grant County,” said Cassie Fleming, grants manager at the Community Foundation. “It really gives students an opportunity to succeed and pushes them to pursue higher education.”

In addition to the Community Foundation’s opportunities, IWU provides a variety of scholarships dedicated to local students. The Triangle Scholarship provides each recipient between $2,000 and $4,500 annually, and the Emerging Leaders Consortium ensures each recipient’s tuition is fully paid. Grant Count students and their parents can also benefit from IWU Near You, a pre-college program that helps participants navigate the college search environment successfully.

I am glad to partner with the good folks at the Community Foundation.  I’m even more excited to pool our resources to invest in Grant County young people.

The Community Foundation scholarship application deadline is Jan. 31, 2016. Apply here. Application deadlines for IWU scholarships vary. Call 765-677-6507 to speak with an IWU Admissions counselor for more information.