How Much Money is Enough? What Does the Bible Say?

America is the wealthiest nation in the history of the world. Even Americans living at the federal poverty level are wealthier than 85 percent of the people in the world.  So why don’t we feel rich? Why are we unhappy and discontented?

How much is enough?

My good friend Ron Blue has been helping people answer those kinds of questions for more than 40 years by sharing financial principles that are affirmed by the authority of scripture and tested in the marketplace.

Ron has a unique way of teaching Biblical principles in clear, pithy, memorable ways.

In 2012, Ron partnered with us here at Indiana Wesleyan University to establish the Ron Blue Institute for Financial Planning ( ), which focuses on applying biblical principles to all areas of the financial decision making process.

Ron Blue and the staff of the Ron Blue Institute have just released a six-week Bible study titled God Owns It All, which tackles the money question: How much is enough? The study includes a kit for leaders with step-by-step plans for six group sessions, individual Bible study books and videos.

The study is designed to:

  • Help people gain a sense of fulfillment and contentment with their finances.
  • Discover financial principles that are affirmed by Scripture.
  • Equip participants to approach money management and financial planning with freedom, generosity, contentment and confidence.
  • Help group members understand financial management as a part of discipleship.

When we started the Institute our dream was to provide the world with easy access to Ron Blue’s memorable articulation of Biblical principles.  The God Owns it All Bible study is part of the realization of that dream.  I commend it to your attention.

Before you order, you can download a sample session by going to